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Business Valuation

Laabdhi’s business provides valuation consulting services for business enterprises. Our extensive research and experience support our valuations which can survive intense scrutiny. Conducting Business valuation determines the economic value of a business. We assist in Valuation for Income Tax, RBI and Companies Act- Issue/ Transfer of Shares; SEBI- Listing, Delisting, Takeover Code, ESOP; Corporate Restructuring- Amalgamation/Merger/Demerger and Acquisition.

Financial Reporting Valuation (IND AS, IFRS US GAAP):

Valuations today, are majorly scrutinized by owners and regulatory bodies. Laabdhi team of experts is well-versed in the accounting requirements underlying the need for detailed financial valuations. Valuation for Debt Funding, Private Equity/Venture Capitalist, Purchase Price Allocation, and Impairment testing for Intangibles Assets are the types of services we provide our clients.

Financial Modelling

Financial Model Building is a complex and strenuous task. An effective business model is crucial whether it’s to evaluate a transaction, a new market opportunity or for other strategic purposes. Laabdhi’s business modelling experts can help you carry out the model review, model support and model-build activities you need to make key decisions and improve your strategic outcomes.

Loan Syndication

It is conducted by experienced financial professionals that have rich experience in bank loan syndication. We create a seamless experience for our clients by executing transactions from end to end within a specific period.

Laabdhi’s target is to fulfil the financing requirements of our clients through a broad spectrum of customised solutions:

Long Term Loans:

For machinery & Equipment, Land and Building, Lease Rental Discounting, Over Seas Funding (ECB, FCNR and FCCB).

Short Term Loans:

Fund-based and Non-fund based Working Capital, Letter of Credit, Bank Guarantees, Export-Import Finance, Buyers/Suppliers Credit, Securitization of Receivables, Factoring & Forfaiting

Retail Loans:

Home Loan, Loan against Property (LAP) and securities, Consumer Loans.

Due Diligence

Laabdhi’s financial due diligence involves analyzation of driving factors of cash flow and profits for the company. Our financial due diligence services help investors assess and evaluate the factors which could have affected past performance, which will enhance future results and also examine the financial independence of a company. We support transactions with Tax, Financial, Compliance due diligence and also Feasibility & Viability Studies.

Equity funding and Transaction Advisory

Developing regulatory changes in India and global developments have noticeably changed the dynamics, deal types and requirements in the equity market. We successfully help you grow or exit deals throughout your business lifecycle with contemporary pragmatism and our corporate experiences.

Our solutions include Transaction Support, Transaction Tax & Regulatory Services, IPO Fund Raising, Private Equity Exists, ESOP Structuring, Pre-IPO Placements, Qualified Institutional Placement (QIP), Start-up Financing & Incubation, Venture Capitalist Syndication, Private Equity Fund Raising, Mergers Advisory, Demergers and Divestitures, Strategic reviews.

Why Choose Laabdhi?

Organisations operate in some of the most complex, demanding and fast-paced industries in the world. By choosing to work with us, our customers are entrusting us with a crucial aspect of their business. We are known for our professional, ethical and high-quality advisory and consulting services.

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